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Name:Edmund Pevensie
Birthdate:Jun 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a boy, but I've also been a king. I've been given a second chance, and I will not squander it.

Interests (57):

adventure, ancient runes, ancient spell books, animals, apple trees, aslan, aslan's country, beavers, cair paravel, calormen, centaurs, daughters of eve, dawn treader, dryads, england, eustace, fauns, fresh picked apples, hide and go seek, justice, kings of narnia, lamp posts, lucy, lucy pevensie, magic, mermaids, mr. and mrs. beaver, mr. beaver, mr. tumnus, mrs. beaver, my family, my siblings, narnia, narnians, peter, peter pevensie, prince caspian, prince corin, professor kirke, queens of narnia, reepicheep, riding, sailing, snark, snow, sons of adam, susan, susan pevensie, swords, talking animals, talking beasts, the dawn treader, the emperor-over-sea, the stone table, tumnus, unicorns, wardrobes
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