Sunrise (1/6 prompt for [ profile] licenseartistic)

Jan. 24th, 2006 11:48 pm
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Title / Prompt: 1/06 - Sunrise
Character: Edmund Pevensie
Warnings: none
Pairings: in the eye of the beholder
Your character's fandom: Narnia
Word count: 298 per PocketWord
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Crossposted to [ profile] licenseartistic

Edmund actually awakes before the sun, a mix of anticipation and dread keeping him from rolling over and going back to sleep. As he sits up, he sees a dark shape standing nearby, realizes it's his brother, Peter, already tugging on his clothes. "It's happened, hasn't it," but it isn't really a question -- deep inside he already knows the answer.

And as Peter nods, he sighs and climbs out of bed and gathers up his own clothes. "Come watch the sunrise with me?" he asks hesitantly, unsure he really has the right to. But Peter squeezes his shoulder and nods, and the two of them step out of the tent.

There's a part of Edmund -- a part that has been shrinking ever since his rescue from the Witch -- that jumps for joy at the fact that he's getting to see another sunrise. But the rest of him, which has been growing since that same time, thinks that perhaps he doesn't deserve it. However, since he has been given this chance, he's not going to waste it -- that would be the worst thing he could do.

They will fight today, and it's quite likely that they will die, but he knows both of them will give it their all. They could do no less. And as they stand there, watching the horizon beginning to glow as if the sky has been lit on fire, he thinks about all of the things that have come to pass. He feels tears prick the corner of his eyes as the sun peeks over horizon, and tries to wipe them away without Peter seeing. Except that when he glances in his brother's direction, he sees that he isn't the only one overcome. "It's beautiful," he whispers, and Peter nods.
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